I encourage you to wake up in the morning with the intention of how you want to celebrate being.
Use your clothing and your outward appearance as a tool to establish and represent your state of feeling.
You are a walking piece of art. Decorate yourself with love, glamour and self-expression. Who do you want to be in the world? Represent that.

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Hair by Bella Simon

As I sit contemplating the best way to de-tangle my Russian doll mass of sparkly opalescent platinum matted curls from a fantastic hair update by Bella and Simon of Bella Simon Salon I want to tell you about what a fantastic show Russian doll is, also what fantastic stylists and all around amazing people Bella and Simon are. I had been dreaming of having my beachy mermaid hair updated, (it's been growing uncut for the last 3 years), and was previously highlighted by Bella in Vancouver last March. I wanted to go much lighter blonde with a cool ashy sand blonde underneath. Bella is an amazing colorist and created a cool sparkly foil throughout my naturally fine hair that just glows. Simon is a

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