I encourage you to wake up in the morning with the intention of how you want to celebrate being.
Use your clothing and your outward appearance as a tool to establish and represent your state of feeling.
You are a walking piece of art. Decorate yourself with love, glamour and self-expression. Who do you want to be in the world? Represent that.

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An April announcement coming up...

On Sunday afternoon with my darling Tika. This is Tika from Georgia <3 We sat at one of my favorite places for a cocktail or happy hour, that has just a darling patio for the warmer months, and discussed plans to start a new project together! Looking forward to sharing with you next month! We hope to inspire you, and make you laugh.

photos, and day dreaming...

I feel so lucky I get to share little snap shots of my life, previously was just day dreaming about the time when I would have the time to sit and show you all the beautiful places I love.

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